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6 foot Satellite System

Free to Air Satellite Reception (Free TV viewing) is available by owning and operating ::

A 6 foot (210 cm), w/AZ/EL mounting, satellite dish antenna; a C band single output LNBf; all included as a Complete C Band Satellite System using an Omegasat DVB-S (SD) digital satellite receiver with HDMI output and AC3 optical S/PDIF!

This Complete C Band Satellite System Includes:

(1) Omegasat DVB-S MPEG II Free To Air Digital Satellite receiver STB w/ remote


the Omegasat DSB5700 DVB-S receiver














(1) C Band LNBf

Get superior signal using the combination of our low noise, high gain C Band LNBf and the 210 cm. satellite dish antenna.

picture of C Band LNBf

(1 ) RS21024 210 cm. (approx. 6 foot) satellite dish antenna

The 6' C Band satellite dish - Heavy duty for superior weather resistance and C Band satellite antenna spectrum makes for great signal reception of the FTA satellite channels available from your area.

This C Band satellite system will provide many hours of home or commercial television program viewing. After installation and programming of the receiver and dish all you must do to watch FREE TV is change channels with the included remote!