1) Alaska special - rehab 9' dish; birdview white solid; with motor mount and positioner! Sold new for $10k; complete C Band only system for $1900.00 + FOB (dish, GeosatPro hdvr1200 receiver, v box 7 positioner; 18" qarl; c band lnbf)

2) Rehab LASER brand Alum. mesh 10 foot PICURED with mount and positioner! Sold new for $2500; complete 10' C Band only system for $800.00 + FOB (dish, GeosatPro hdvr1200 receiver, v box 7 positioner; 18" qarl; c band lnbf)

big dishes 

3) rehab 6' dish; new AZ/EL white solid; Sold new for $300; complete C Band only system for $500.00 + FOB (dish, GeosatPro hdvr1200 receiver, c band lnbf)

4) rehab Used Echostar analog positioner; 10' Channel Master black Alum. mesh HQ; Sold new for $2800; complete working 10' C Band only system for $1000.00 + FOB (dish, GeosatPro hdvr1200 receiver, v box 7 positioner; 18" qarl; c band lnbf).

    More all the time come and go; I disassemble, repaint them; or leave them whole; then add new parts and check them on my bench; for a complete system and ship them to you!



MINI C BAND - how "it" works is the shipping; and oversizes are required.

A 4 foot dish; or even a foldable 4 foot dish from the 80's called a Toki; does/did receive 3.7 -> 4.2 Ghz (C Band). This dish is not for the faintest; or 2 degree spacing of the old days as it did not receive the low-power channels well then (analog full band; or tp's today at 2 degree's;). Satellites with coexisting tp's @ 2 degree's even at opposite polarities occurs with every satellite in space; the newer satellites in space are not to require larger dishes (but are ku). As a KU band satellite dish also is the regular channels. The 120 cm. dish needs to be perfectly arced to receive KU Band first; then it will scan C Band channels too.  And it will impress anybody with the extra channels and capabilities a bigger dish adds. Really.

A C/Ku Free to Air Satellite Dish to watch Free to Air Satellite HDTV using a DVB-S2 h.264 satellite STB; it is the Eminent FTA receptor!

Complete fta C Band only or C/Ku satellite tv system from richtv.net A little C Band and all KU Band from a smaller dish. Now with new 1080p and 32psk HD STB satellite/network receiver. Commercial product's also avail.

if you own one of these 

 big 10 foot dish

(C Band satellite dish DVB-S/S2 receiver FTA with actuator arm for motoring)...

Then use these new parts to watch FTA easily again using your digital DVB-S or S2 receiver

Rehab pack



1)vbox 7 is big dish mover

A new V Box 7 motor controller allows the old and new DVB satellite receiver's to move the dish automatically to your favorite channels by just changing channels with the DVB-S or DVB-S2 receiver's remote (the DVB receiver programs the DISEq 1.2 controller for movement to each scanned channel). And you may at your conveinience adjust because of wind!  

2)c Band upgrade is 15K and International

The BSC-421 is a must for C Band only reception. Buy one by itself for gain in Signal to noise ratio's because it is a 13 degree kelvin noise rated item (the best). A 18/14 vdc controlled SW output in the frequency range a C Band receiver needs to tune up your big dish using 5150 LO the Free to Air DVB-S2 receivers have. The LNBf mounts on your big dish in one exact position to receive either linear H/V or circular LP/RP; polarities (with or without included plastic insert). These two types of C Band signals are also available to the International frequencies in C Band; and is sold in every Country the U.S. does business with. This item is also compatible with the Moto 4DTV DSR-922 receiver of yesterday. 

3)actuator arms

A new 18" actuator arm finishes the project (; the moving parts combine a powerful exacting position; a move to the satellite part counts using the old school magnet SW; which gives the controller the info required to move to the position desired automatically once programmed! 

Rehab C Band Special (you own a C Band dish and fta already) - only $158.99 + shipping.

(1) lnbf / (1) vbox 7 motor controller STB / (1) new qarl 18" actuator arm

The large, ugly, old, satellite dish from the 60's; 70's; 80's; and 90's; not only receives all channels yesterday. It received all cable channels then too! Today, it does receive many, if not the most Free to Air channels; because it can tune into many distant broadcast's; including many, many spot-beams from DBS carriers.

Multi-pathC Band only channels 1-541-980-SAT5Gemstone Shopping NetworkNASA "channels"World Harvest TV  IndependentPuerto, Rico and JamaicaChina  Azteca 6 in local area; Azteca #6 (1-6) on c banddfgsdC Band 805 FOX ABC san juan, puerto ricoCable news from the NorthwestKnoxville Independencetheir logoNashvilleAAN what more can i say?LA TVNashvillePennsilvaniablokeARCSAlaska, University leveland many more, of course.

C Band only

C Band only International 3.4-4.2 Linear or Circular w/included insert

 c Band upgrade is 15K and International

C Band only 3.4-4.2 international single - $28.95 BSC-421 


PLL C Band only North America 3.7-4.2 GHz Single output 950-2150 MHz 

C Band PLL NA 3.7 Single




Satellite TV dishes

Big Ugly dishes are really American Standard; and are at every studio where providers, or commercial broadcasts are. In the USA, this item, new as a Commercial System today, costs over 10,000 dollars. The physical plant properties are also very Commercial, as repetition in System's deaign is an entire room or build; with back-up power. Using a green approach with these huge, required Comm. Equipment in practice is a fine Science, and work at a Ultra-HD; you only today see the Studio's with many of them. Homes in the 80's put in 2 or more! 

Multi-satellite reception is considered a DBS deal; but today many types of satellite systems can and are re-purposed for fta use. In fact, that is what it is worth; the usable parts are all the antenna and all the amplifiers and all the good wire! Even old DBS receiver's like RCA can be made into FTA receiver's (giving them a new life w/o a card). We call them a Phoenix! They were only really DVB-S receiver's. Older satellite dishes were bigger, and are even made of Channel Master fiberglass, a Commercial quality antenna. I like these, but even a Superdish can be used easily for FTA reception, as well as directv Commercial lines and installations. They do have to used with only the correct lnbf and the satellite in space with the FTA channels you want.

DMSi c band tribute/retired

Free to Air Satellite TV (and Free TV program viewing) is a properly setup big satellite dish with C and Ku Band LNBf w/sw DiseqC (or any old dual band feedhorn w/controls), plus use of this LIST of satellites, channels, and the parameters required; entered into a DVB-S/S2 receiver's memory, and scanned/memorized for viewing ::

A BIG (7-10 feet) C/KU Band SATELLITE DISH receives both C and KU bands, the Best!

Using a MPEG-II/IV DVB-S/S2 Satellite receiver and big dish to watch Digital Satellite Signals

Freq. range of 3.7-4.2 GHz. NA and 11.7-12.7 GHz. NA -- C/KU Band Digital Free To Air English channels list

These channels are listed for/in the language of English only (many other channels not listed in so many languages) as im American. NOT ALL CHANNELS LISTED ARE AVAILABLE THE SAME WAY OR WITH CERTAIN OLDER RECEIVERS; AS EACH BROADCAST AND THE BROADCASTING INDUSTRY CHANGES AND EQUIPMENT IS MANUFACTURED FOR IT.  h.264 is one; and 32psk is a level base 64 part of it; as well as dish size and C Band definitions at 2 degree's spacing between the actual satellites (KU Band rely's on 3 extra "power" in microwave reception 1) freq. + = power+ 2) satellite eirp 3) wave size). This is an 8 foot dish as experience will show.


I update this list by going onto my satellite dish and by scanning these channels into every satellite system I am hired to work on; and can; that is FTA C Band and KU Band or both ... I do not gaurentee a channels reception ... I challenge your ability to receive each and every one of these channels yourself; and we sell the right equipment necessary to receive them ... I do not say that the channels listed will be there for any period of days, years, or eons of any time (they change regularly). Many type feedhorns and waveguides can be mounted physically on the bigger dishes to receive DIRECTV or DISH or SKY or SHAW or North American DBS as I call them the groups left doing DBS who do not install "multi-dbs/fta" or the more expensive Commercially propertied unless it is at their studio's... Each of the satellites listed are C Band or KU band; and require the correct equipment to be purchased, installed correctly, and programmed for their reception. It is up to you, the owner of a satellite dish, to purchase, correctly find an installer who can; and program (there are a few good men and women who can professionally plus those military's) the satellite dish and receiver to receive any of them. I update this English only channel list as I have time, and almost never catch every change. As you would note; it is just one of many lists that has changes all the time; and signal reception equipment (tuning) compared to signals desired. The recent FCC rulings, however, need some of their equipment inside your home and business, where the cost per channel is the consideration; which "channels: you then receive are produced as finals. This higher form needs to pay for the bandwidth or own what they use in either direction to their paying client; that really is a better channel producer by controlling the bandwidth they are providing; or buy the equipment to do so; as HDTV is today highly prized. The higher definition question has a glass ceiling being served already; but they own their technology and bandwidth.

 yet the Glorystar is used for the FTA world and on one satellite G-19! Very easy to install. Static mount. No moving parts. High quality GeosatPro products! And they have an auto update feature that will program the changes that occur! Not to mention they are the only ones that do. Ku only dish, easy!

NASA ttv_guide_network_eastvia antenna ATSC digital local channel CBS Fox is a Free TV channel using a local antennaABC is a local Freely received channelCW is a Free TV channel using a local antennaNBC is a Free TV channel using a local antennaPBSpbs_hd_eastCSTVClassic Arts Showcase is digital now on big dishpursuit_channelwillow_usquboPuerto, Rico and Jamaicawaoh_29_akronion_tv_plusion_lifetuff_tv_eastMeTVfree_speech_tv_uswapa_americamusic_choice_us50+ fta digital audio channel'sNashvillelevel3united_teleports_usthe_patient_channel_usafn_ussmart_lifestyle_tvsmile_of_a_childinspiration_tv_usdare_to_dream_network3abn_englishthe_university_networkthe_church_channel_uschristian_tv_networklesea_broadcasting_network_usewtn_cashepherds_chapel_usthe_word_networkwbn_tv_usKnife shownsjewelry_tvshopping qvcshop hqpersian_bazaar_tvGemstone Shopping Networktheir logoAAN what more can i say?TCTtct_kids_usgebzns_usfilm_on_tv_uson_tv_4uOutside TVtin tvlife church tvABC san juan, puerto ricoKnoxville Independenceabc_news_oneIndependentFOXFlorida .govtvw_us360north.orgCable news from the NorthwesttexascablenewsPennsilvaniauctv_californiauatv_university_alaska_tvuniversity_of_washington_tvWatch it CA. World Harvest TVpbs kidscreate_pbsv_me_tvocn_broadcasting_usv_me_kids.pngtelemundo_esteazteca_sietemi casa networksino_satellite_tvsur_perumea TVcentro america tvtouch_vision_usSpanish languages are on big dishLA TVthe_africa_channel_us.pngNacion TV from Houstondfgsdfashion_one_euMulti-pathChinaanother c bandblokeARCS

VOIP / skype / Internet

Network 10/100 CAT5e yellow cable and connectors to 150 ft. or wireless at miles LOS

google chromecast $39.99 

magicjack order now from $29.95 yr. 

link to magicjack

C Band 5150 LNBf setting Standard North America


166.0 East Intelsat 19  C-Band (14 degree's past International date line in Pacific) 5150 LO 10-12 foot in Western US Lower 48

3740 H 27500

MTV China

3829 H 13238


Radio Australia-Pacific  (English) + Audio channels (Tok Pisin; Khmer; Indonesian; China; etc.)

3900 H 30000

BBC HD Mpeg-iv dvb-s 

+ Audio channels

3940 H 27690


BBC WORLD NEWS - Japanese 

+ Audio channels 

4060 H 26590 DVB-S



+ Audio channels

3880 V 26590

K CHANNEL - Phillipines 

+ Audio channels


180.0 East/West   Intelsat 18 Ku-Band - Internat. 9750 LO 

11075 V 45000 MPEG-4   DVB-S2  8PSK  H-264 video

LCP  France

+ Audio channels

11155 V 28590 MPEG-4   DVB-S2  8PSK  H-264 video



+ Radio France Audio channels

are Westy's!

 AMC 8 @ 139W BEAM Available now in Contin. USA

4056 H 13250-3/4 DVB-S2 16psk



ESPN Deportes

Sports Radio

and regional Alaska Sport's radio AID's

AMC-7 @ 137W


Pr1, pr2, to   = service 02-7etc.; vid 0272 aid 0273 pcr

360 North 





FEED FREQ. for Hawaii National ABC

AMC-10 @ 135W

G4; gamers tv

Gospel - GBN


3820 H 29270 3/4 DVB-S

Bloomberg TV US - Digital Audio only
3860 H tp 8 DVB-S MPEG-2/HD SR=11965 FEC=5/6
3915 H tp 10 DVB-S SR=3980 FEC=3/4
4000 V 29067 DVB-S2 MPEG-2/HD

Link TV; etc; are studio

North West Cable News

Galaxy-12 @ 133W

Shalom TV (Jewish)

AMC-11 @ 131W

3928 V tp 11 DVB-S SR=14323 FEC=5/6 ???

Galaxy 13/Horizons 1 @ 127W

4076 H tp 18 DVB-S SR=3076  FEC=2/3
4191 H tp 24 DVB-S SR=3313 
Apostolic Oneness Network

Galaxy-14 @ 125W

3720 H tp 1 DVB-S SR=26667-3/4
The Church Channel
Smile of a Child TV
Enlace TBN
3744 H tp 3 DVB-S SR=3248
Shop NBC

Galaxy-23 @ 121W

3780 V 29270 7/8 DVB-S2 MPEG-IV

Texas Cable News

3750 V 14029 3/4 DVB-S MPEG II HD

Sportstime Ohio

3722 H 1591   DVB-S

Family Friendly Enterntainment 

3714 H 4340 DVB-S 7/8

Cox Sports TV

4051 V 5510 3/4 DVB-S 

Studios 121 promo

4080 H 30000 5/6 DVB-S2 8PSK

NRB Network

4120 H 1085 3/4 MPEG-II HD

Jewelry tv

4134 H 3300 3/4 DVB-S SD

Jewelry TV

Anik-F3 119W (CANADA)

3920 H DVB-S SR=18447 FEC=3/4 (INN) Univision mux
KWWF-TV Untamed Sports TV E
KQCK  (Cheyenne) Esp

Anik F1@ 107.3W (Canada)

3737 H tp 1A DVB-S MPEG-4 1665-? E
KNLC-TV (St. Louis)

3807 V tp 3B DVB-S  SR=6500 FEC=?
Legislative Assembly TV Network Northwest Territories    
3825 V tp 3B DVB-S SR=6500 FEC=?
Legislative Assembly TV Nunavut
4100 V tp 10B DVB-S 28346-7/8
The Weather Network E
Canadian Weather Network E
4060 V  DVB-S 28346-7/8
MétéoMédia F
A Atlantic      E
3780 V  DVB-S 28346-7/8
Télé-Québec F
Radio Humsafar E
CKAC Sports 730 AM F
Cool 98.5 FM F
Boom F
RockDétante Montréal F
NRJ Montréal 94.3 F
La Magnéthothèque F

L'Oasis Francophone F

AMC-18 @105W

(NASA feeds)

(NASA feeds)

(NASA feeds) 4:2:2

NASA Public Channel
NASA Education Channel 
NASA Media Channel 
NASA Mission Operations 

3780 H tp 4 DVB-S2 SR=30000 FEC=5/6 8PSK
Universal Sports
3940 H tp 12 DVB-S2 SR=30000 FEC=5/6 8PSK
NBC Central MPEG-4 HD
NBC Mountain  MPEG-4 HD

AMC 1 @ 103W

3840 H tp 7 DVB-S 26681-3/4
ION TV East 
ION TV Mountain 
ION TV Pacific 
(ION TV feeds)     
Worship Network
ION Plus
ION TV West     
Ion Life
3915 H tp 11 DVB-S 4410-2/3
3920 H tp 11 DVB-S 3140-5/6
America's Auction Network
3924 H tp 11 DVB-S 2734-5/6
4074 H tp 19 DVB-S 3000-3/4
New York State Legislature
4083 H tp 19 DVB-S 7000-3/4
KTLN-TV (San Francisco)
KEEN-LP (Las Vegas)
4196 V tp 24 DVB-S 2894-3/4
The California Channel

SES 1 @ 101W

3716 V tp 1 DVB-S 4340-3/4
Golden Eagle Broadcasting 
3722 V tp 1 DVB-S2 5161-3/4 8PSK
TCT Network Channel 2 MPEG-4/HD
TCT Network Channel 3 MPEG-4 
TCT Network Channel 1 MPEG-4    
3773 V tp 3 DVB-S 4:2:2 4442-3/4
Daystar TV
3973 V tp 13U DVB-S 4362-3/4
University of California TV
4125 V tp 21 DVB-S 4340-1/2
God's Learning Channel

Galaxy 16 @ 99.2W
3720 H DVB-S2 7328-8/9
FOX-Osage Beach
3744 H tp 3 DVB-S 1953-3/4
The Reformation Channel
3776 H tp 3 DVB-S 3255-3/4
KCWY-TV (NBC - Casper)

3785 H 4849 DVB-S2 MPEG-IV/HD

3790 H tp 5 DVB-S 3255-3/4
KCHF-TV (Santa Fe)

My Family TV
3810 H tp 5 DVB-S 3255-3/4

Living Faith TV

3825 H tp 5 4320-3/4 DVB-S

Puerto Rico Network


Allegro 91.3 FM

3845 H tp 7 DVB-S 15030-3/4
WVXF-TV (St. Thomas)
WSJP-LP (CW - Aquadilla) 
WVGN-LP (NBC - Virgin Islands) 
WSJX-LP (Fox - Aguadilla) 
WPRU-TV (ABC - Aquadilla)

3900 V 28000 3/4 DVB-S Armed Forces Network

Pentagon Channel

4000 H tp 15  DVB-S 26400-3/4
World Harvest TV
World Harvest TV DirecTV
KETD-DT 2 (Castle Rock)
KWHS-LP (Colorado Springs)
Free Radio
Pulse FM
WHRI Angel 1
WHRI Angel 2 
T8WH Angel 3
T8WH Angel 4
WHRI Angel 5
WHRI Angel 6
WHRI Angel 1
WHRI Angel 2 
T8WH Angel 3 
T8WH Angel 4 
WHRI Angel 5     
WHRI Angel 6 
Pulse FM

4020 V tp 16 Shepards Chapel NTSC


4100 V DVB-S2 30000-9/10 8PSK

(ABC feeds)



Live Well Network East MPEG-4

Live Well Network West MPEG-4

Galaxy 19 @ 97W

3922 V 3425 DVB-S

BYU TV North America 
3926 V 2377 DVB-S2  MPEG-IV
3960 V tp 13 DVB-S 29300-3/4
3978 H tp 14 DVB-S 2894-3/4
Legacy TV 
4000 V DVB-S 29270-3/4
3851 H DVB-S 9983

Galaxy 3r @ 95W -- use blind scan

3744 V tp 2 DVB-S 2206-3/4
My Family TV
3753 V tp 2 DVB-S 3970-3/4
Perry's Estate Jewelry TV
3904 H tp 11 DVB-S 2398-?
Raynham Park
3907 V tp 10 DVB-S 3074-3/4
Roberts Communications
4167 V tp 24 DVB-S 6614-5/6
KEPR-TV (CBS - Pasco)
KIMA-TV (CBS - Yakima)

Galaxy 17 @ 91W

3720 H tp 1 DVB-S 26700-3/4 (manually input these PID's)
The CW East 
The CW West
The CW Central/Mountain

The CW Pacific

3888 H 19750 5/6 DVB-S2 8PSK MPEG-IV

3840 H 29270 7/8 DVB-S

Comcast SportsNet California

3920 H tp 11 DVB-S 26000-3/4
EWTN US     
EWTN Pacific Rim 
EWTN Latin America & Spain 
EWTN Canada 
EWTN Europe 
EWTN Africa & South Asia 
EWTN Global Catholic Radio

3944 V 3300 5/6 DVB-S

Jewelry TV

3947 V 2067 3/4 DVB-S

gem Shopping Network

3950 V 2067 3/4 DVB-S2 MPEG-II 8PSK

capital OTB
3927 V tp 12 DVB-S 7250-3/4
(41) DMX - free Digital radio channels

3984 H 22500 DVB-S2 8PSK MPEG-IV


4014 H tp 15 DVB-S 6620-1/2
The Word Network

3965 V 4249 2/3 DVB-S2 MPEG-IV 8PSK


The Church Channel

4076 V tp 18 DVB-S 3000-3/4
Classic Arts Showcase
3956 V DVB-S 2169-3/4 
TV Montana
Horseracing TV

Galaxy 28 @ 89W

4060 H tp 118 DVB-S 28000-3/4
Pentagon Channel 

AMC-3 @ 87W

3719 H tp 1 DVB-S 4167-5/6
APTN Washington
3725 H tp 1 DVB-S 4167-5/6
APTN Direct 
3824 H tp 7 DVB-S 2475-3/4
3830 H tp 7 DVB-S 3520-3/4
Michigan Government TV (Mon-Fri 10-14)
3833 H tp 7 DVB-S 2734-5/6
This TV Network

4154 H tp 23 DVB-S 19532-3/4
(INN feeds)
@ Sports TV
AMC 9 @ 81W

3804 V tp 6 DVB-S 4167-3/4
Pennsylvania Cable Network 

AMC 6 @ 72W

4063 V tp 19 DVB-S2 1628-2/3 8PSK
WGGN-TV (Sandusky)

StarOne C2 @ 70W

FOR South America/Brazil C Band reception ONLY
multiple formats available

StarOne C1 @ 65W

FOR South America/Brazil C Band reception ONLY
multiple formats available

Intelsat 9 @ 58W weakest signal for Northern States

3840 H tp 8 DVB-S 27690-7/8
DW-TV Latin America
DW-Radio 2
EWTN Global Catholic
3840 V tp 7 DVB-S 27690-7/8
Al Jazeera English
SonLife Broadcasting Network
3880 H tp 10 DVB-S 27690-7/8
Arirang World
CCTV News English
3933 V tp 11 DVB-S 7000-3/4
3ABN English 
3ABN International
3ABN Radio
WDQN 95.9 FM
Radio 74 Internationale
4040 H tp 18 DVB-S/S2 26590-1/2
NHK World TV

Intelsat 805 @ 55.5W weakest in Northern States

3808 V tp 12 DVB-S 26666-7/8
Racing International 
Psychic TV
3842 H tp 22 DVB-S 2580-3/4
3853 H tp 22 DVB-S 2220-7/8
RE TV     
Jamaica News Network
3936 H tp 23 DVB-S 3255-2/3
BBC World Service English Americas
BBC World Service English News
3771 V tp 11 DVB-S 13333-5/6
Supreme Master TV

NSS 10 @ 37.5W--East of the Rockies

C Band Available east of the Rockies in USA

3773 H tp 3 DVB-S2 MPEG-2 1795-3/4 8PSK
Silverbird TV E
3805 H tp 5  DVB-S 2143-7/8
Metro TV (Ghana) E

Intelsat 903 @ 34.5W--Area beams only to far NorthEastern States NY/DC

North Eastern US area's ONLY, Maine to Dakota's w/circular insert

3878 L tp 53 DVB-S 16300-3/4
NTA Plus E
Channels TV  E
Lagos TV E
Soundcity Premium E
Silverbird TV E
Rhythm 93.7  E
Star FM (Nigeria) E
Ray Power 106.5 FM E
Cool FM Lagos E
3895 L tp 53 DVB-S 8594-5/6 NE zone
NTV (Kenya) E
KBC Channel 1 E
KTN (Kenya) E
Easy FM (Kenya) E
3714 L tp 51 DVB-S 2914-7/8 NE zone
KNR Radio Gre
3907 L tp 53 DVB-S 3041-3/4 F NE zone
RTI La Première
Fréquence 2 F
4065 L tp 55 DVB-S 2914-7/8 
(Tele Greenland feeds) NE zone

Additionally: KU Band Satellite channel list- frequency range of 11.7-12.2 GHz. with Satellite names and parameters for Digital channel reception in language of English only

Galaxy 13/Horizons 1 @ 127W

11727 V tp 2 DVB-S 6620-?
11849 H tp 7 DVB-S 2012-?
Horizon Broadcast Network
11980 V tp 14 (feeds) NTSC
12050 H tp 17 DVB-S 13020-?
12087 V tp 20 DVB-S 6111-?

AMC 21 @ 125W

12072 H tp 19 DVB-S2 12474-3/5 8PSK
LPB 2 
12096 V tp 20 DVB-S 4340-3/4
(PBS feeds)

12112 V tp 20 DVB-S2 8703-3/4 8PSK
12150 H tp 23 DVB-S 14029-3/4
(PBS feeds)

12175 H tp 23 DVB-S 4444-3/4

(PBS feeds)     
12180 V tp 24DVB-S 30000-3/4 AC3 audio only
V-me (Spanish)
PBS World

Galaxy 18 @ 123W

11732 H tp 2 DVB-S 13240-?
Veterans Affairs Knowledge Network  
11747 V tp 3 DVB-S 2667-?
11840 V tp 7 DVB-S 4445-?
11860 H  tp 8 DVB-S 27900-7/8
11866 V tp 9  DVB-S 4234-?
11888 H tp 10 DVB-S 3979-?
11893 V tp 9 DVB-S 6111-?
11898 H tp 10 DVB-S 6373-?
11907 H tp 10 DVB-S 6111-?
11964 H tp 14 DVB-S 2531-?
Montana PBS info card
11965 V tp 13 DVB-S 2000-3/4
Peace TV English
12104 V tp 21 DVB-S2 3361-3/4 QPSK
KEXP (Seattle) 114 E radio
12129 H tp 22 DVB-S 6111-?    
12135 V tp 21 DVB-S 2848-2/3
Daystar TV
12140 H tp 22  (feeds)     NTSC     
12150 V tp 23 DVB-S 13021-?
12166 V tp 23 DVB-S 3979-?
12176 V tp 23 DVB-S 6620-?
12180 H tp 24 DVB-S 23450-3/4

SatMex 6 @ 113W

11994 V tp 14K DVB-S 4340-2/3
Hope Channel

AMC 15 @ 105W

11856 V tp 7 DVB-S 3548-1/2
Macy's Satellite Network Flower Show

JR Music
YM Music

AMC 1 @ 103W
11760 H tp 3 DVB-S 26670-7/8
(NBC feeds) 
11942 V tp 12 DVB-S 20000-3/4
12000 H tp 15     
12025 H tp 17 DVB-S 4232-5/6
(NBC feeds) (A) 
12027 V tp 16 DVB-S 6111-?
12031 H tp 17 DVB-S 4232-5/6
(NBC feeds) (B) 
12037 V tp 16 DVB-S 3979-?
12037 H tp 17 DVB-S 4232-5/6
(NBC feeds) (C)
12043 H tp 17 DVB-S 4232-5/6
(NBC feeds) (D)
12049 H tp 17 DVB-S 4232-5/6
(NBC feeds) (E) 
12055 H tp 17 DVB-S 4232-5/6

12105 H tp 21 DVB-S 4232-5/6
NBC feeds) (A) 
12111 H tp 21 DVB-S 4232-5/6
NBC feeds) (B) 
12117 H tp 21 DVB-S 4232-5/6
NBC feeds) (C) 
12123 H tp 21 DVB-S 4232-5/6
NBC feeds) (D) 
12128 H tp 21 DVB-S 4232-5/6
NBC feeds) (E) 
12135 H tp 21 DVB-S 4232-5/6
(NBC feeds) (F) 
12142 V tp 22 DVB-S 20000-?
[Huntington Beach South livecam]
[Huntington Beach North livecam]

SES 1 @ 101W

11820 H 20000 DVB-S 
Pentagon Channel HD

Pentagon Channel SD

11895 H 4550

Russia Today AC3 Audio only AID 0474

Galaxy 16 @ 99W

11771 V tp 4 DVB-S 14321-3/4
(CBS Newspath feeds) 
11782 V tp 4 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (D)
11787 V tp 4 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (E)
11792 V tp 4 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (F)     
11804 V tp 6 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (A)
11809 V tp 6 DVB-S 3979-3/4    
(CBS feeds) (B)     
11815 V tp 6 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (C)     
11820 V tp 6 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (D)
11825 V tp 6 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (E)
11825 H tp 7 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(Fox feeds) (1)     
11830 V tp 6 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (F)    
11831 H tp 7 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(Fox feeds) (2)
11836 V tp 6 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (G)
11837 H tp 7 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(Fox feeds) (3)
11843 H tp 7 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(Fox feeds) (4)
11877 H tp 9 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(Fox feeds) (3)
11883 H tp 9 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(Fox feeds) (4)
11884 V tp 10 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (A)     
11889 H tp 9 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(Fox feeds) (5) 
11889 V tp 10 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (B) 
11895 H tp 9 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(Fox feeds) (6)
11895 V tp 10 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (C)
11900 V tp 10 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (D)    
11905 V tp 10 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (E) 
11905 H tp 11 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(Fox feeds) (1)     
11910 V tp 10 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (F)
11911 H tp 11 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(Fox feeds) (2)     
11916 V tp 10 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(CBS feeds) (G)
11917 H tp 11 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(Fox feeds) (3)     

Galaxy 19 @ 97W

11842 H tp 6 DVB-S 22000-3/4
3ABN English  E
3ABN Proclaim  E
3ABN Latino  Sp
Smart LifeStyle TV  E
LLBN English  E
LLBN Arabic  A
LLBN Chinese  C
Amazing Discoveries E
Amazing Facts TV E
Apostolic Oneness Network E
Hope Church Channel E
Hope Channel  E
Esperanza TV Sp
LifeTalk Radio  E
3ABN Radio  E
Radio 74 Internationale  E
11966 H tp 14 DVB-S 22000-3/4
Bible Explorations E
Divine TV E
River Broadcasting Network  E
The Word Network E
Spirit 1 E
The Overcomer E
12022 V tp 17 DVB-S 22000-3/4
Life and Health Network E
12060 H tp 20 DVB-S 22000-3/4
Emmanuel TV E
Supreme Master TV E
Promiseland TV Network E
Universal Christian Radio E
Amen FM E
Radio Libertad
RDP Internacional  P
12115 V tp 23 DVB-S 22425-3/4
Bethel TV Sp
The University Network E
Cornerstone TV E
Pirate Radio E
Access America E
American Voice Radio Network E
12177 V tp 27 DVB-S 23000-3/4
[CCN info card] E
[Access TV info card] E
Yahweh Prophetic TV E
The Church Channel E
God's Learning Channel E
Nacion TV Houston Sp
Enlace TBN E
Smile of a Child TV E
Christian Media Network E
WRN English North America E
WRN Multilingual North America

plus many more

Galaxy 3C @ 95W

11780 H tp 4 DVB-S 20760-3/4
CCTV News English
12050 H tp 18 DVB-S 20000-3/4
Apostolic Oneness Network

Galaxy 17 @ 91W

11925 V tp 12 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(ABC feeds) (A)
-(G) to scan blind

Galaxy 28 @ 89W

11787 H tp 604 DVB-S 15915-3/4
[Keystone info card]     
11955 V tp 613 DVB-S 19532-3/4
ABC News One
(ABC News One feeds)
ABC News Now
11990 H tp 614 DVB-S 3979-3/4
(ABC feeds) (6) 
+ more on multiple different frequencies
12164 H tp 624 DVB-S 2785-3/4
(Hearst feeds) (1)     
+ more on multiple different frequencies

AMC 3 @ 87W

11720 H tp 1 DVB-S 4858-3/4
Joint Commission Resources Quality & Safety Network 
Patient Channel 
11728 H tp 1 DVB-S 3675-2/3
(Bloomberg TV feeds)
Bloomberg Radio 
11736 V tp 2 DVB-S 8333-?
MTA 1 (+3h) 
12044 V tp 18 DVB-S2 3200-2/3 8PSK
The Florida Knowledge Network
12050 V tp 18 DVB-S2 3200-2/3 8PSK
The Florida Channel
12056 V tp 18  DVB-S HD 4000-?
LifeChurch TV (Sat-Sun 15-21 ET) 

AMC 9 @ 83W

11735 H tp 1 DVB-S 4444-3/4
Retro TV Network 
Tuff TV
11745 H tp 3 DVB-S 4232-5/6
(NBC feeds) (A)     
11751 H tp 3 DVB-S 4232-5/6
(NBC feeds) (B)     
11757 H tp 3 DVB-S 4232-5/6
(NBC feeds) (C)     
11763 H tp 3 DVB-S 4232-5/6
(NBC feeds) (D) 
11769 H tp 3 DVB-S 4232-5/6
(NBC feeds) (E) 
11775 H tp 3 DVB-S 4232-5/6
(NBC feeds) (F) 
11780 V tp 4 (feeds) NTSC
11800 H tp 5 (feeds) NTSC
11826 H tp 7 DVB-S 5632-3/4
11860 V tp 8 (feeds) NTSC     
11864 H tp 9 DVB-S 3979-?
11871 H tp 9 DVB-S 13000-?    
(Cox Sports feeds)

Horizons 2 @ 74W

11734 H tp 1 
11734 H tp 2 DVB-S 13235-?
+ more feeds on multiple different frequencies    

AMC 6 @ 72W

11890 H tp 10  DVB-S 1666-3/4 
KFTL-CA (San Francisco)
12144 V tp 23  DVB-S 2573-?
Gospel Broadcasting Network
+ more feeds on multiple different frequencies

Telstar 14 @ 63W

FOR South/Central America, Brazil KU Band reception ONLY
multiple formats available

TIPS from a Pro

Remember, channels received from National Broadcaster's can appear and disappear as they add or subtract channels designed for broadcast to their audience. Some of these channels listed may not be broadcast any more, and others may have appeared since this writing. I will try to keep it as current as possible.

Channels using a Free-to-Air C and/or KU Band Satellite System include many live sporting events; from Pro Football's Pre-Season games to all the different College sports events. Programs are sent to  broadcasters via live (only on when the event is happening) feeds found on randomly selected satellites and frequencies; as are live news feeds of major stories. Those who like to search for live events and broadcasts love this "feature" of FTA use, because they can, using their remote control, search for the occasional and new channel programming broadcasts.

"Blind Scan, Blind Search, Smart Search, PowerScan, etc." are menu functions allowing FTA receiver owners to "look" at all frequencies a satellite has, to see if it is being used. These menu functions then "automagically" enter into memory the required parameters (Symbol Rate-SR, Frequency-FREQ, Program ID- PID, Video ID- VID, Audio ID- AID) so that they find new programs to watch on their televisions. The channels that show up are being broadcast only on that certain day at a certain time that they "blind scan" for them or are new 24 hr. broadcasters decisions and additional new channels or placements on a satellite of channels that move to newer or more locations within the satellite providers realm of broadcast..

I remember installing a C/KU Band dish during the first Gulf War, and caught a CNN broadcast being set up. As they adjusted the video and audio feed, the newsman suddenly ducked down, taking cover. The picture then showed a Tomahawk Missile flying by outside a picture window on its Sortie run, live from a Bagdad hotel! Today, a re-enactment of the broadcast was made into a movie; "Live from Bagdad".